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WordPress Support & Administration


If you need once-off assistance on your WordPress website, please contact us for a free estimate.  We will review and get back to you with a quote.  If you need ongoing WordPress support, please continue reading.

To get the most out of your WordPress website you need to make sure you keep the core and all plugins up to date.  This process can become a real pain if you don’t do this regularly.  We now offer WordPress support packages that will allow you to forget about your website and focus on running your business.

This service includes:

  • Technical support – in case you need some help to figure out an issue with your website
  • Platform upgrade monitoring – includes WordPress core, Plugins & Themes
  • Platform upgrade testing – continuous testing of your website core pages during the upgrade process
  • Security Monitoring – we monitor the latest security alerts for plugins on your website AND we monitor your website itself for security threats
  • Backups – backups are made offsite to cloud storage so we can recover from disaster even if your current host lets you down

This service does not include:

  • Hosting – for a comprehensive hosting + support package, simply visit the Transfer Existing Website package and start the process.
  • Fixing of current website issues – but we can give you a free estimate on that.  Simply contact us.
  • Custom plugin development – but we can give you a free estimate on that.  Simply contact us.
  • Any content creation whatsoever – but we can give you a free estimate on that.  Simply contact us.


Title Rate per website
Standard rate for 1 website R200.00
15% discount for 2 websites R170.00
20% discount for 3 websites R160.00
25% discount for 4 websites R150.00
30% discount for 5+ websites R140.00
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Once we receive the logon details to your website(s) we do in-depth analysis to determine the following:

  • Current status of website – meaning, is your website working at the moment or are there things to fix
  • Current file status – is there anything that requires upgrading
  • Security analysis + fixing – checking to see if there are any known security threats that can impact your website
  • Configure off-site backups – to ensure we can recover from a disaster even if your host lets you down


We charge a flat rate of R200 per month for any WordPress website and we offer some discount should you have a few websites to monitor.  You can add hosting for your Website & Email for only R50 extra per month.



  • No website (including files linked to or stored on) that could be considered illegal under South African or international laws will be hosted or supported by AMTY Web.
  • No pornographic, gambling or file sharing websites will be hosted or supported by AMTY Web.
  • This service does not cover any custom development of plugins, writing of content, graphic design or any other content creation.