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Our story

We started as a branding house in 2016 and have since grown into other areas. Now you may be wondering how you branch from branding to web design and hosting and that is a fair question. We are passionate about service and feel that some things can and should be fixed. If you take a good look at your daily life you will often find there are things frustrating you when dealing with some companies or people. This frustration is where our branching into other areas comes in. We are slowly building out sister companies from our core branding business which play a supportive role both financially and logistically. We have found the more things we can manage in-house, the better equipped we are to assist our client base.

One of the big obstacles we faced as a young start-up was our online presence. We spent thousands of Rands trying to get the website up to scratch only to find that our host and technologies used wasn’t coping with the large volume of products we had. We spent some more thousands trying to optimize. We were fighting a losing battle and we soon found ourselves out of options.

We eventually found a different technology, and had to abandon everything we worked on up to this point. This was painful to accept but we were back in business and we were adamant to make the best of things going forward. This is why AMTY WEB was born. To help small businesses to not make these mistakes by taking away all the techno gibberish and just delivering what they need. Need a website? Get a website!

Need a website? Get a website!

There is no use in buying a boat when you are taking a trip to the moon. Let us guide you to what you need, and only what you need, without all the technical gibberish.

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